Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Car Blues / Losing My Disney Decales

Recently my ten year old Subaru Forester with 200,000 miles gave up the good fight and we were forced to buy a replacement.  Lovingly called Subie, I bought Subie when I was largely pregnant with my daughter, largely meaning as big as a barge, no longer able to sit behind the wheel of my then ten year old Honda del Sol. 

Gosh I loved that car.  I never thought I'd love Subie.  She was the outwardly sign of the end of my childless adult life and my entering into parenthood.  In the end, I loved her more.  Subie was filled with early kid memories, stained with spilled juice, petrified french fries supported various organisms under the seats, and the 6 CD changer was loaded with Disney CDs.  Cleaning Subie out was nothing short of traumatic.  I had to do it alone, embarrassed by my tears, sometimes overcome with emotion.  Like the del Sol before her, Subie represented the end of an era.  My little girl was growing up too.

I started to bring items in and my sweet 9 year old asked me if I was okay.  Clearly I had been crying but I assured her I'd be alright, reminding her and myself that we were going to pick up a new car soon and that Subie had been a good friend to us.  Then she asked about the decales, especially the Disney decales.

We knew for the past few years that Subie wouldn't last forever.  We live in a snowy area and municipalities salt our roads from November to April.  Ten years is a decent lifespan for a car around here.  So with the inevitable approaching, the last time we were in Disney we picked up new decales for the day we had to replace Subie.

But my daughter didn't want to toss out the old decales.  I tried my best to remove them even though I knew they couldn't be reused.  I told her we have the new decales for the new car and we'd be okay.  We'd still be Disneyfied.

The next day we picked up the new car and immediately I didn't feel at home.  I felt we made a huge mistake and we even tried to return the car, but the dealership wouldn't allow it.  For days my stomach ached.  I didn't sleep.  And I didn't put the Disney decales on the car.

Today I drive to work and around town in a non-descript, totally unDisneyfied vehicle.  My daughter has no desire to load the CD changer with our Disney CDs.  The only thing Disney related in the car is my daughter's necessary Disney Princess blanket she has always used to cuddle with on our long drive to and from dance class.  We hope we either grow to like our new car or trade into something that makes us feel compelled to put our decales on her.  We would like to feel Disneyfied around town again.  Until then we hope you're Living and Driving Disneyfied.

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