Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Disneyfied Year!

Happy New Year from our house to yours!

Now that we're actually in the same calendar year as our trip to WDW, it's time to get serious about dreaming and planning.  The first thing we've put on our agenda is to hit the post-Christmas sales for small, packable decorations for our cabin at Fort Wilderness.  We've watched plenty of YouTube videos of what the cabins look like and have counted the windows for battery operated candles we found for next to nothing to put in those windows.  My mother bought us the cutest pop up tinsel tree for the living area and I'm going to order a wintery Disney flag with our name on it for our cabin's front "yard".  I'm also thinking our fish extender might work on our front door somehow.  (If you're unfamiliar with fish extenders, use your favorite search engine to look up fish extenders and you'll be amazed at the selection of extenders out there typically for use on the Disney Cruise Line.)

I've become aware that Fort Wilderness has a spectacular display of holiday decorations set up by resort guests.  Since we'll be flying in, bringing along a large display won't be practical, but we do plan to decorate.  Also on YouTube you can see some of the awesome displays guests provide.  You've got to check it out!  I can't wait to stroll through the campground next December and take a ton of pictures.  Nothing will kick off next holiday season better, I'm sure.

Since tomorrow we're all back to school and work, today we'll take down our tree and lovingly wrap our Disney ornaments.  I'm going to try to fit in one more trip to Disneyland Adventures on the Xbox and plan our next meal from one of my Disney cookbooks.  Whatever you do to keep yourself living Disneyfied, may it be done in peace and gratefulness.  Be well in 2013.

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