Sunday, December 9, 2012

Disney Movie Night: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Every Saturday night for the past six months we've watched a Disney movie to weekly countdown our next trip to WDW.  Last night's movie was The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I'm not sure was originally supposed to be Disney movie, but certainly characters, Jack and crew, have been adopted.  Perhaps the company purchased the movie rights.  No doubt someone more informed will set me straight.

Nightmare is one of my favorite holiday films because it's so clever and different and the message is uplifting.  Last night I  read the liner notes on the DVD jacket and learned that Tim Burton went to Cal Arts, otherwise known as Mickey Mouse University, a college largely supported by Walt Disney and the company.  I also learned that some of Burton's earliest films were from Disney studios.  I mean, I already liked Burton a ton, but now I LOVE him.  He's another film innovator influenced by uncle Walt.  How cool is that?

All this got me thinking about the current relationship Burton has with Disney and his separate relationship with long-time friend, Johnny Depp.  I wonder if Depp would've ever become Captain Jack Sparrow if Burton didn't have a good, preexisting relationship with Disney.  But I digress.

I'm sure our movie night is no different than most families'.  We have popcorn, using our Mickey Mouse popcorn set of course, turn on the surround sound, shut the lights.  We enjoy "movie candy" purchased from the local dollar store, cuddle under Disney blankets, pour drinks into our resort mugs we've brought home from previous trips to the parks. 

Our Disney movies aren't always animated.  We've been enjoying live action as well.  We randomly set our countdown calendar like an MP3 player on shuffle.  So far it's been a fun way to get excited for our trip and allows us to have a chance to revisit movies we haven't seen in a while.  With the movies chosen randomly, there aren't any arguments regarding the movie to watch and we sometimes get to see a movie we didn't like a couple of years ago, but given a second chance have come to appreciate or even like it.

For a nine year old's perspective, I asked my daughter what she thinks of Nightmare and she reports, "It's good.  I like it."  "Do you think it's weird or scary?"  "No.  I like Sally."  I can't help but smile.  I'm raising this kid right.

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